Note: assistance for Guernsey organisations

Since the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, our colleagues in Guernsey are keen to help out their local charities and not-for-profit organisations. If you're Guernsey-based and would like to engage security experts, please apply to us here at the JCSP and we'll pass the request on to a Guernsey-based resource.

About the JCSP

The JCSP was created by the Channel Islands Information Security Forum (CIISF) to provide cyber security advice and consultancy to charities and other not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Although there are many charitable funds that provide financial backing to help charities achieve their aims, it can often be difficult to obtain funding for tasks that aren’t considered core to a charity’s purpose – of which cyber security is one of the most critical areas.

How does the JCSP work?

We’re asking each Jersey organisation that has employees with cyber security skills – technical or otherwise – to donate up to ten hours per year of at least some of those employees’ time. This time will go into a “pool” to which charities and NFPs can apply, and when an application comes in from a deserving cause, we’ll connect the applicant with an appropriate specialist and they can deal with the requirement.

Who can apply to the JCSP?

While no charity’s financial coffers are ever overflowing, this scheme applies to those that genuinely can’t afford the help they need to deal with their cyber security. If you think you’re a borderline case, apply anyway and we’ll consider each case on its merits.

Can we make joint applications?

Absolutely! If there are several charities in search of, say, cyber security awareness training, it makes sense for you to club together and request a single session instead of putting in separate applications. And if we receive several similar applications where it would make sense to bring the clients together, we’ll suggest that to you.

Can you help us outside the field of cyber security?

Not yet - but hopefully soon. We’re piloting the scheme in the field of cyber security because it’s so critical, and because small charities and NFPs are often desperately short of skills and resource to ensure that the data they work with – which is often highly sensible – is secure. It’s no accident that we’ve chosen a name that doesn’t specifically mention cyber security, though – once we’ve proven the model the intention is to gauge demand in other fields and expand organically.